Time is a gift, treat it as such, and your perception of the world might change for the better.

Woman in white shirt and red jacket enjoying the snow.

Life is like a big shapeless thread, a thin strand that runs its course by the whims of the wind. The trail it leaves looks like a maze that does not only span in width but height also. …

These trades don’t always go as planned, but we can make it so no one loses.

Man holding a card with seeking human kindness text

Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve always been the giving type. My Mom made sure of that. When I was in elementary school, she cooked and prepared those beautiful meals that made me the star of the lunchtime breaks. …

If you have to wait, don’t settle for less than the VIP room.

Woman sitting by the pool.

A few Winters ago, when life was still blooming, I met a ray of sunshine. A friend of mine was celebrating her birthday, and here she was, seated and dancing on her own, this stranger that I could only see from the back.

I came to her attention, and as…

Caring less to care more: the true art of letting go.

Man sewing brown belt.

The world we live in is a busy one, and between work, health, and loved ones, our attention is constantly divided. More so, life doesn’t stop there. When we add social media, adversity, and goals to the mix, time tends to slip away. …

A Poem-Story About The Self

Once upon a time,
A boy named Idle was living all alone in the forest of life.
During the day, he would start carving wood with his knife.
Making little creatures way past nighttime.

From the first scrapes, a lot of wood remained.
He named the creature “turtle.”
She would always walk…

Read them out loud.

  1. My heart is in the right place. I’m not seeking, not lacking, just being. I take love where love is given to me, and I give love where love wants to be received from me.
  2. I’m no longer in a competition, even with myself. I’m into cooperation, teamwork, and connection…

A Dream Poem about humanity.

Fight today for a better tomorrow

Up and down in my city,
I dream.
I dream of a better world,
I dream of me, you, she, he, and us.
I dream about humanity.
I see us walking,
I see us with hammers in hand,
I see us smashing the walls that divide us. …

Four things you need to know to write your own story.

Man lying on sidewalk reading newspaper.

As humans, we all have wants, desires, and things we want to do every day. All of those personal goals we want to achieve clash with the goals, circumstances, and actions of every other human being walking the earth alongside us, including ourselves.

Last night, you went to sleep with…

Cause the rest won’t matter.

Four Person Standing at Top of Grassy Mountain

Love is a word used so many times that I sometimes wonder if each time we pronounce it, we bear in mind the weight of those four letters. You see, it’s not just about affection, attachment, or strong emotions. …

Never let the future disturb you.

Woman blowing sprinkle in her hand

More than anything, the human psyche is ruled by desires and needs. Some are instinctual, rooted in you since your birth, engraved in your DNA, and tethered to your very being till the moment of your death. …

Gerthy Bingoly

Writing about the things the eye cannot see, and looking for inspiration where my feet cannot take me. Write me at gerthywrites@gmail.com

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