Time is a gift, treat it as such, and your perception of the world might change for the better.

Woman in white shirt and red jacket enjoying the snow.
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These trades don’t always go as planned, but we can make it so no one loses.

Man holding a card with seeking human kindness text
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If you have to wait, don’t settle for less than the VIP room.

Woman sitting by the pool.
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Caring less to care more: the true art of letting go.

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A Poem-Story About The Self

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Read them out loud.

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  1. I’m no longer in a competition, even with myself. I’m into cooperation, teamwork, and connection. I learned to accept that people are flawed. I learned to accept they will always be flawed, the same as me.
  2. I’m no longer looking for love. I’m accepting it. For love is already there for the ones willing to open their eyes. I’m no longer afraid of manifesting every…

A Dream Poem about humanity.

Fight today for a better tomorrow
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Four things you need to know to write your own story.

Man lying on sidewalk reading newspaper.
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Cause the rest won’t matter.

Four Person Standing at Top of Grassy Mountain
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Never let the future disturb you.

Woman blowing sprinkle in her hand
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Gerthy Bingoly

Writing about the things the eye cannot see, and looking for inspiration where my feet cannot take me. Write me at gerthywrites@gmail.com

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